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This is the research center for the group. It undertakes research activities in pharmaceutical & chemical areas both for the group companies as well as other companies. It also looks after bulk drugs and chemicals related regulatory matters for the group internationally, specially in the North American and the West European regions.


Departments & Personnel
MJIR DETAILS: DEPARTMENTS & PERSONNEL1) Analytical Development Division (R&D, Analysis, QC Services, Business Development)• Biological Analysis Division• Microbiological Section• Toxicological section• Chemical & Instrument Analysis Division• Instrument Analysis Section• Chemical Analysis Section2) Chemical Development Division• Product and Process Development Section• Scale Up & Technology Transfer Section• Business Development Section.

Analytical Development and Services
• Assay & Related Substances by HPLC• Dissolution and Content of Uniformity by HPLC • Estimation of Alcohols, Menthol and Camphor by GLC• Estimation of Dimethylaniline, Dichloromethane and 2-Ethyl-hexanoic Acid by GLC• Infra – red Absorption (IR) Spectroscopy analysis• This Layer Chromatography• Chemical Assay, Dissolution and content of uniformity by UV-VIS spectrophotometery.• Analysis by Potentiometric, Lodometric and Colorimetric titrations. • Viscosity by Brook Field and Oswald Viscometers Fluorometirc Analysis.• Analysis of sinethicone raw material and preparations by IR spectrophotometery.• Water content by Kail Fisher instrument.• Analysis of Multivitamin preparations.• Chemical and Instrumental Analysis (HPLC, GC, UV-VIS) of various dyes and intermediates.• Analysis of Raw Water, Potable – Water and Mineral water as per statutory requirements.• COD and BOD analysis for effluents.

Toxicology Division
Toxicology Division : Pyrogen Testing of Tarenteral preparations and raw materials. Under Toxicity Testing / Safety Test of Injectable preparations and raw material.Bio – Assay of Oxytocin.Bacterial Endotoxin Test for Various eye/ear drops.Study of prolongation at Insulin effect.

Microbiology Division
Microbiology Division:Antibiotics, Vitamins AssayBio-burden Analysis of Raw material, Intermediates and Finished Products.Microbial Limit Tests.Phenol co-efficient / RWC Test.Preservative Challenge and Effectiveness test, sterility test for paranteral preparation.

Biological Analysis
Biological Analysis :Various Pharmacopoeia Raw Material also and Finished products for pyrogen, undue Toxicity or safety tests eg :Raw Material Finished Products Cephalexin Water for injectionAmpicillin Tihydrate Analgin InjectionPiroxicam Hydrocorcortisone Sodium Succinate Inj.Tetracycline HCLAmpicillin – Cloxacillin Injection.Doxycycline HCL Vitamin B1, B6, B12 injections.Erythromycin EstolateErythromycin StearateChloramphenicolRifampicinPenicillin G. Potassium

Specific Development Work
Specific Development Work Carried out :Bioburden Studies for Solid dosage firms like tablets.Analysis of selected - pulse mixes in association with Home Science Department of M.S. University, Baroda, India.Analysis of Disinfecting Tablets and Lens – Cleaning SO/n.Disinfecting concentrates analysis.Water filler challenge test.Microbiological analysis of water and packaging materials Fungicides analysis for standardization of Dosage forms.

General Activities
General Activities :General Analytical Services back-up to MJ Group of Companies. Development of Analytical Methods for newer formulations under development, bulk dyes, intermediates and time animals. Stability studies for Formulations. Development of stability indicating analytical methods for formulation and bulk dump.

Analytical Services to Clients
Analytical Services to Clients :Analytical Service to Third party clients (around 250) To assist Food & Drug Control Administration Laboratory (Gujarat State) for specific analyses. Conduct instrumentation training programmed for staff as well as clients for providing practical training in various instruments like HPLC< GC, UV and IR.

Biological Analysis of MJ Manufactured Product
Biological Analysis of MJ Manufactured Product:BIOLOGICAL ANALYSIS AT MJIR : Chemical Development (Synthetic Chemistry):General Activities(ACTIVITIES)


MJIR Technical Services Expansion Plans:Chemical Synthesis· Custom made synthesis· Bulk Drugs, Intermediates·Bulk Fine Chemicals·Research Chemicals for exports·Product And Process Document preparationAnalytical Services·Extending scope of instrumental and Chemical Analysis ·Raw Materials, Intermediates, Fine Chemicals, Finished Products·Method Development, Improvement, Validation·Microbiological Analysis and Assay·Pyrogen, Toxicity and other Biological Analysis·Effluents Analysis·Food Products & Animal Fee·Inorganic Substances·Bioequivalence Studies.